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The Sage's Legacy

Long ago, there was a prophecy of two young kids who would save the world. But not even the ancient gods of Egypt could predict exactly how opposite those two would be...
This new take on the paranormal will hook in fans of Meg Cabot, Twilight and more. Freya's spunk and Brennan's cockiness combined border on disaster, but it's their teenage struggles while they take on evil spectres and ancient demons that truly tell the story.
Click on the covers below for exclusive insights into each book!
Praise for Book I:
The Dragon Medallion
"Freya (...)  was relatable and awesome! I finished this book in one day which I normally don't always do because the pacing and writing was just on point"- LiteraryDust Blog
"(...) a fresh take on the paranormal and the endless battle of good versus evil. Filled with attitude and a sharp tongue, Freya is one strong character"- TomeTender Blog
Praise for Book II:
The Dragon Manuscript
"I absolutely love this series! These teens come across like kids you may see walking down the street in the way they interact. (...)If the pages aren’t teeming with action, they are channeling electric tension and new discoveries…nonstop start to finish. Excellent reading, highly recommended, but only if you like strong, well-defined characters and a plot that rages on at warp speed!" - TomeTender Blog
Praise for Book III:
Relics of the Underworld
"Bren and Freya are such great characters! What I love best is that this series is YA and actually feels like YA.(...) You get action, history, unique stuff—what's not to like?" - LiteraryDust Blog
"Non-stop young adult action and adventure as this fantasy world comes alive with amazing characters, brilliantly colored scenes and an ending that could be devastating!"
" TomeTender Blog
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