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Exclusive insight into Book I of

The Sage's Legacy!

The Sage's Legacy
Book I: The Dragon Medallion


She thought being a teenager was hard... Until the gods of Ancient Egypt drag her onto their chessboard. The stakes? Only the fate of the world, of course! 

Freya Hayes has mastered her training. At sixteen, despite having lost her parents at a young age, she’s got a solid head on her shoulders and an arsenal of martial arts moves to fight. Her mentor O’Keeffe and inquisitive buddy, Sam, form the trifecta to their little ghost policing squad. 

Good thing too, because an ancient Viking army of specters is getting ready to invade England, and Freya’s the only one standing between them and a massacre. Blessed with gifts of a Sage, Freya can fight ghosts - she’s also the only who sees through their innocent facade. 

Only, she isn’t. Another claims the title of Chosen One, a young man as infuriating as he is skillful. And when he’s thrown in the mix, the question is no longer will the Vikings win. Rather, will these two teens survive each other? 


Book I in a completed young adult urban fantasy trilogy with two snarky teens, plenty of bad guys, and some divine help - and hindrance. Perfect for teens of all ages!

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