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Move Over, Dragons! The Zmei Are Taking Over!

If you’ve read any of my fantasy series so far, you’ll have noticed something: I’m not just a romance writer. My books tend to be heavily doused in mythology of all kinds, action, romance (of course!) and a healthy dose of supernatural creatures. I also love, love, love Romanian mythology and folklore. Mainly because yes, im Romanian BUT also because it’s so under-utilized. And my country is about a helluva lot more than just Dracula 😉

What does that have to do with this post? Well 😂 I’ve done it again. Accidentally couldn't let go of some secondary characters from Moonlight Rogues and created a spin-off duology! Who does it follow? If you’ve answered Tytus and Declan.... then you’re 100% right!

And this post? Well, it’s all about telling you what to expect and share my gorgeoussss new covers from Ammonia Book Covers!

The Duology

  • Takes place in the Carpathian Mountains (hello, home ❤️) and the Underworld (Book 2)

  • Follows two brothers that have seen the rise and fall - and contributed to a few - of every emperor and king known to the area

  • They are not just dragon shifters; zmei are something else entirely. Not only do they wield magic, but... Well, why should I ruin it 😂

What you’ll find:

  • Plenty of action

  • Loads of sibling rivalry

  • Two zmei brothers that are as hot as they as infuriating

  • Some feisty women who hold their own

  • Myths, myths, myths!

  • Quests, quests, quests!

  • Some familiar Greek faces (book 2)

  • Romances that tug at the heart strings

What you won’t find:

  • Erotica

Don’t let the covers fool you. I love my sexy models, but while there are sex scenes, these book are character and plot driven. There’s more action, and not just in the bedroom!

And now, for a closer look at the covers ❤️

He’s trying to save the world....and she’s saving him. Tytus Family can be a pain in the ass. Even more so when the only blood relative I have left is a brother intent on destroying the world as punishment for a millennia of imprisonment. Da, one can say I need to be razor-focused in order to figure out what zmeu magic he’s unleashed and how to fix it. Imagine my surprise when my travels to my ancestral home, deep in the Carpathian Mountains, are disturbed by a doe-eyed witch as intriguing as she is broken. I don’t have time for fixing her. I need to fix everything else, first. Top of the list being myself and these wounds that won’t heal. The last thing I need is to get dragged into her quest for redemption.... yet somehow I find myself doing just that. And the worst part? I kind of like being her knight in shining armour. Fiona When you’ve been used, bruised and battered as I am, you stop trusting people real fast. Especially supernatural beings who have more power in their pinky than I do in my entire being. I don’t trust humans, and I sure as hell don’t trust Tytus. He’s a zmeu, and despite those stormy eyes that see right through me, I’m fully aware he’s only in this quest for himself. But I’m hoping I can get something out of it, too. Something to save my soul, and maybe cut this curse I feel dragging me down to the depths of Hell itself. Only, I’m learning Tytus doesn’t take kindly to being told half truths. Nor to having his charms ignored. And when he turns the full power of his zmeu seduction onto me, I don’t stand a chance. Because the most dangerous thing of all? He’s making me hope for a future that’ll never be.

The darkest of mind, for the purest of heart...who will succumb to temptation? Declan I thought I was smarter - I was wrong. My brother Tytus thwarted my last plan of escape, and now I’m faced with the imminent threat of death. Until the Romanian immortal who imprisoned me comes to me with a proposition. Save an innocent maiden from the Underworld, return her to the land of the living, and I will be free with a realm all for myself. Of course, she neglects to mention said maiden is her daughter, and that the journey will place me face to face with the lord of the Underworld himself. And then none of that seems to matter when I meet Constanza. Because I’ve seen her, before. For the past months, she is all I’ve dreamt about. And I can’t wait to see if the reality matches the fantasy...especially if her pretty, innocent soul can be corrupted. Unless she gets to mine first, that is. Constanza Having two immortal parents can get overbearing, fast. Which is why I love vacationing in the Underworld and hanging out with Hades and Persephone. Only this time, the safe walls surrounding us are starting to crumble and, before I know it, we’re under attack. No amount of Greek heroes can help save us... until he shows. And he just happens to be the sexy angel from my dreams. Only he looks like walking temptation, and Mom’s warnings suddenly don’t matter anymore. May the gods help me, because I’m not getting out of this unharmed, one way or another.

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Fanning the Flames:

Igniting the Ice:

And last but not least.... How evil would I be if I left you without a sense of who Tytus and Declan are? 😉

In their own words....

The irony is I don’t enjoy killing them, nor hearing their cries of agony as I tear them limb from limb. But when negotiations fail…. -Tytus
Revenge is a dish best served cold, humans say. My brother does love their kind… Thus, his ending will only be fitting. -Declan

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