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Eldon Farrell's "Horde Protocol" #CoverReveal & #BookReview

If you've followed me on social media for a bit, you'll have seen me sharing - multiple times - Singularity, the first in this amazingly fast-paced series, as well as Dawn (1.5). Well, it's my honor today to reveal the cover for the next adventure: Horde Protocol.

You'll also find my thoughts on the book, as well as a GoodReads link and author info below.

Let's get started!



Wow and wow. I've read everything by the author so far, and with each book, the skill to keep you on the edge of your seat just goes up a notch! There is SO. MUCH. happening in Horde Protocol, I'd be a fool to give any away. I will, however, tease your imagination.

We still get loads of Nathan - if we didn't, I would've been pissed! Our rogue cop is alive and kicking in Horde, and ready to take back what is his. He's joined by Archer, a wonderful secondary character with so much depth, my heart aches for him. His family struggles will be incredibly relatable, and his strength... MAN! We also get to see more of Sarah's badass side, something I thoroughly enjoyed at each and every turn. Mr. Farrell's ability to get into the head of each of these characters is a testimony to his skill as a writer, because they're all as different as day and night!

On top of all this, we get familiar characters from Singularity and completely new ones - though not new if you dug in Dawn before reading this! And I cannot stress this enough: DO read this series in order, because it is sooooo worth it!

What else can I say to convey just how amazing this book is? If I compared Singularity to James Rollins meets the Suicide Squad, then Horde Protocol is not only a step up, but a story filled with real emotions, imperfect people, inhuman villains, edge-of-your-seat action X a thousand, and so many good guys vs bad guys encounters that you won't know whose side to be on by the end! Stay tuned for the next installment, Hunted!

And pick up a copy of this book already!

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About the Author

Want to find out more about Eldon?

Check out the author interview we aired a couple weeks ago here.

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