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#CoverReveal Singularity by Eldon Farrell

I'm super stoked to help my buddy Eldon Farrell with the cover reveal for his first in a series, Singularity! I read this book and LOVED it!! :)

Check out my 5* review here.


It takes a certain kind of evil to save this city.

Nathan Miller owns the streets of Union City. A rogue detective protected by a corrupt establishment—his rule is absolute. But nothing lasts forever.

Someone has betrayed him and now blog sensation Alexis King knows things she shouldn’t. Coming after Nathan she threatens his authority, giving the elite cause to question his worth.

To protect his reign, Nathan must silence his betrayer before Alexis learns enough to topple him. But he’s no longer the only thing to fear in the rotten underbelly of 2035. His search uncovers an evil preying upon the displaced beyond the city wall—making Nathan the next target.

You can find Singularity:

And you can find Eldon:

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