#CoverReveal "Hunted" by Eldon Farrell

Book Title: Hunted (Singularity, #4)

Author: Eldon Farrell

Publisher: Ascendant Ink

Release Date: June 16, 2020

My review: 5 stars!!

I've been a fan of the Singularverse and its many iterations and facets since the very first book. What drew me in? Besides the non-stop action, the Singularverse has a character I simply can't get enough of: Nathan Miller. To some, he's a villain. To some, he's a hero. To me? He's human. And that, in a nutshell, is what you see time and time again. Nathan isn't easy to understand, nor is he the kind of guy you root for. But in this series? I just can't help having a soft spot for him. So when another short story collection dropped, I was ready to DEVOUR the stories of Jason Crowley, Nate hunting evil Malachy, and a new face to the universe, young Xavier. And neither story disappointed! I was on the edge of my seat, flipping the pages, both eager to get to the end and dreading it, knowing I would have to wait for more. Each story is a unique mirror into the character's lives, giving you a better comprehension of the Singularverse as a whole. And therein lies the true mastery! Highly recommend it.

Now that you've read my review, check out the EXCLUSIVE interview with the author below!! And don't forget to pre-order your Hunted copy today!

Tell us a little bit about the Singularity series and the Singularverse.

This series is all about redemption. It is, at its core, the central theme that binds it all together. If you look at any of the main characters, they are all trying to redeem themselves, or something/someone they love. Nathan is obvious. He was an exceptional detective until a terrible accident changed everything. Now he struggles to regain what he’s lost and find a way back to the man he once was. Classic trope, I’d say.

But let’s look beyond him. Tiberius Holt wants to redeem the country he loves—wants to return it to greatness. Archer is driven to redeem his daughter. Tommy yearns for Nathan to find his way back. Throughout the series, this theme of redemption is evident if you look for it.

Having read all three books to date, I cannot help but see comic elements in them. Superheroes vs villains, corrupt and flawed “heroes”... You’re a comic fan yourself. Did you intend the Singularverse to draw similar readers as yourself?

For sure I did. I love comic books. As an art form, they are so expressive and fun. I viewed the Singularverse as an extension of that massive universe concept popular in the medium. These novels may focus on Nathan, but there is a whole world of amazing characters out there and, to some extent, the short stories show that.

I’m having the time of my life creating intriguing characters with amazing abilities, and have been told many times by readers that they love the comic elements of this series.

How would you describe Nathan Miller?

A conflicted character. There’s a scene in Singularity that, I think, speaks volumes about Nathan. On his way home, he gives money to the homeless in his neighborhood. But more than that, he stops and speaks to them. We see he actually knows them. They’re not faceless to him. He cares about them.

A reader once compared Nathan to a villain. They didn’t like him. That’s fair, but he’s not a villain. A villain is driven by different motivations than Nathan has. He’s a lost soul trying to do what he thinks is right. No doubt, he makes mistakes and commits terrible acts. But I don’t see him as the villain of this story. There is good still in him, to borrow a turn of phrase. He is just an imperfect reflection of what we all have the capacity to become.

What I love about Nate (as I affectionately call him) is that he’s so flawed. Literally the dark knight Union City needs. Where did your inspiration come for him?