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#CoverReveal for Avocado Bliss

I first read the YA contemporary from Candace Robinson and Gerardo Delgadillo in beta form, and fell for Dacre and Sal. Now, you can too! Coming soon from Evernight Teen!

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Dacre Vinson has spent the majority of his life in quite the predicament—even the surf and his books can’t erase his Type 1 diabetes. But when Dacre’s family moves to a new Mexican town, an eccentric girl obsessed with trees offers him a job on the spot, leading to what could be the perfect distraction from his problems. Salbatora Tames has one true love, her avocado farm. Her family constantly nudges her to be more social, but Sal much prefers the dirt, the sun, and the solitude. Besides, trees listen better than people do. For Sal and Dacre, their job won’t stay easy breezy for long, not when an avocado delivery to Palenque, Mexico pops up on their radar. Together, they embark on a road trip across the jungle, where they form a tighter bond. However, as obstacles arise, their new-found troubles may lead to more woes than bliss.



If you’re looking for a sweet young adult romance with plenty to give in terms of characters, plot and overall romance, then you HAVE to give Avocado Bliss a shot! I fell in love with Dacre and his sweet strength, and Sal and her quirkiness. The banter and love/hate/friends relationship between these two totally made the book! You’ll get to see how two teenagers deal with very adult-like issues in the shape of grief and diabetes, but also see a sweet romance bloom. When a delivery sidetracks them onto the other side of danger, Dacre and Sal will really discover the meaning of working together. I loved, loved this!

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