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#CoverReveal "Blazing Ashes" by Alexa Whitewolf, Excerpt & Inside Info!

Well, it's here! I've had a hectic year so far. Between switching day jobs, recovering from my concussion, and launching my author services business, one could say I've kept busy... Add to that 3 back-to-back releases in 3 months, and, well let's just say I'm ready for summer vacay :)

What did my crazy mind come up with this time, you ask? Check it out below, sound off in the comments, share around... And get ready for the release 21.07.2020!

Title: Blazing Ashes

Author: Alexa Whitewolf

Publisher: Luna Imprints

Release date: July 21, 2020

Artwork credit: Ammonia Book Covers

Blazing Ashes: A Phoenix Reborn Paranormal Women's Fiction Novel

What if the fate of the world rested in the hands of one who'd seen the worst humanity had to offer?

She thought the pain was normal...

My name is Katya... and I'm not crazy. Sounds kind of funny that I start the story that way, right? Trust me, it's anything but. It all started when I got these bloody migraines and began hearing voices. I was pretty sure I'd lost it.

And then the voices turn out to be two hot-as-hell guardians, here to guide me on my quest to purge the world of evil. Because apparently, that’s what I was born to do. The kicker? They're not human.

They've stood guard since she was small, and have come to teach her otherwise...

I guess it's just as well I'm willing to play into their delusional game. Until, of course, I find out it's no delusion at all. The monsters do exist, and I'm one of them. So is my mate. And my two new buddies? Well, that's debatable.

Soon everything spins out of control and the phoenix in me rises to the surface, unbidden, unchallenged... And un-allied with either Light or Darkness. 

Now the world depends on her choice... And what if she chooses wrong?

Like I said, I'm not crazy. But read if you dare, and you can judge for yourself.

So, what's it all about?

Women power! Well, to start with. Katya is no one's hero, but she gets picked for the ultimate heroine quest - saving the world, or destroying it. Her journey takes her into my <3 home, aka Transylvania, deep into the Carpathian Mountains (yep there's a theme to this year's releases since Flaming Rogues is also set there! I'm a tad homesick lol). She's accompanied on the way by a tempting-as-sin demon, a posh angel, and where would we be if there was no romance?

But be warned! This book is not just a romance book. The fantasy far outweighs it, so don't expect loads of cuddling and kissing. There's more ass-kicking, internal self-discoveries, and mythology than I've ever put into something, though. AND you get to see Romania through my eyes, I mean how cool is that :)

And, while we're on the warnings side, there's a totally sexy shifter, and an unexpected kind of ending :) Check out the exclusive excerpt below!

Exclusive Excerpt

(Plus an additional one - read Ch1 on the book page!)

The air is chilly, but I don’t let it get to me. Instead, I pull my jacket tighter and push my feet onwards. Ignoring the tightness announcing a cramping of my muscles, I move one foot in front of the other, keeping my eyes on the ground. The last thing I need is to step into a hole and land into some other land.

Wait, wasn’t that a movie?

In the cold bowels of the earth, movies, fantasy worlds and fictive characters seem so damn removed from my life. Or at least, the life I now know. The one from before is like a long-forgotten dream, one I’m pretty sure was ages and ages ago.

Wasn’t it?

Muttering under my breath, I shake my head. “I have to do this, come hell or high water. Have to. There’s no other way.”

Hah. Hell. What a fucking joke.

A nervous laugh bubbles out of me, and echoes eerily in the cavernous walls. Like multiple versions of me are chortling, though what they’re finding so funny, I can’t tell.

And then among them, one voice sounds different. I freeze in my steps, a chill running up my spine. Suddenly, it feels a hell of a lot cooler in here.

Hell—there’s that word again.

I perk my ears for the sound, that other voice, trying to get my bearings. Am I still going up, or down? Can I even tell at this rate? These quests don’t come with a damn instructions manual, and I have no way to reach my friends.

If I can even call them that.

“Come on, Katya.” I hope the sound of my voice is enough to give me a semblance of courage. And it does, for about a millisecond. Until I hear that other voice.

“Come onnn, Katya,” it mocks.

I gulp and unclench my fists, forcing them by my side instead. Katya. That is my name, and this is my story. Whether or not it’ll have a happy ending… That remains to be seen.

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Last but not least... Is it a standalone?

A few readers have asked me this, so I thought I'd tackle this head-on.

One of these days, I'll write a standalone novel and actually stick to it being a standalone. Today's not really that day!

Blazing Ashes is the beginning of a new universe, but it is one novel. Some characters from it will go on to form their own series. You could call it a spin-off series, in a sense. But Demoni Sancti will have a brand new cast of characters (plus some favourites from Blazing Ashes), as well as a whole new horde of Evil to fight.

Will you see Katya and Vasile again? I'm not saying no... Because there is a certain idea for Curse of the Dacians sounding in my head :) But read this one first, let me know your thoughts, and if you want more of Katya and Vasile, well, who am I to deny you :D

Cheers for now, have a wonderful summer! I'm off to actually enjoy a break now! (she says while planning the next 3 series...hehe)