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Cover Contest on AuthorsDB!

Last year, First to Fall and Second to Surrender won Gold and Silver in AuthorsDB’s 2019 Cover Contest! And I was so ecstatic 😃 My cover designer at Ammonia Book Covers always does an amazing job, and this felt like the perfect kudos 😊

This year, FIVE more of my books were nominated!!! And I think the covers are fantastic ❤️ So I need your help to spread the word! Its super easy. If you could take a moment to vote, then share this post around, it would help a lot. And even if you don’t want to share it, just the fact of voting is enough!! 😊 Thanks a million!

Vote Blood Ties, Love Binds:

Vote Atrox: Vote Moonlight Rogues: Origins: Vote Third to Tumble:

Vote Last to Love:


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