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A Trip to Scotland - Part 5

After leaving gorgeous Inverness, it was off to the Isle of Skye. Via car we passed by the railway for the Hogwarts Express (there I go again with my Harry Potter references 😂) and Loch Ness (!!!! No Nessie though 😪). Drive pics:

Rather than take the ferry through Mallaig, we decided to drive across the bridge to Skye. And what a sight!!! For obvious reasons, we couldn't stop in the middle of the bridge so I could take a picture, so this is the only shot I have:

On Isle of Skye we stopped by the Talisker Distillery, but sadly we didn't get to do a tour. Note to self: book in advance :) However, we DID get to purchase some yummy whiskey, and it was so, so worth it!

And most important, the FAIRY POOLS! 😂 That’s also where I got sick, incidentally. I don’t think the faeries like me on their territory much haha! I originally saw the pic of the Fairy Pools on Facebook. Nowhere did it warn we'd have to hop across mini-rivers in order to get there :) But it was SO worth it! 😍

After a drive long the coast, admiring the gorgeous scenery, we were crossing the bridge once more!

Then we were off to Glencoe! More mountains, more everything 😍

My favorite stay of all was the Glamping Pods in Clovullin! We met some super friendly people, experienced our first ferry in Scotland and had dinner at the local pub. AND saw Shetland ponies and horses 😍 Despite the strong wind, it was a night to remember!

And in the morning, we were greeted by this gorgeous sight 😍:

Sadly, this was our last day in Scotland. So off we went on the road, driving through the Highlands and their majestic misted peaks, and towards Glasgow.

We passed once more through Loch Lomond on the way to the airport, and even arrived early for our flight! I promised you a pic of the plane hehe:

It’s safe to say Scotland stole our hearts and we intend to revisit ASAP 😍 There’s a particular castle trail I want to see, not to mention revisit the Highlands hehe. If you’re wondering, this is a pic of the itinerary 😂

Hope you enjoyed the pics :) Feel free to share!

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