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A trip to Scotland - Part 1

At last, I finally managed to sort through the 3000 pictures I took and find you the best from my trip 😉Let me prove to you how you can do a trip to both Ireland and Scotland, in just 11 days! My post will be split in 3-4 parts, to make pics easier to load and give me the chance to share a few videos as well 😉

Here goes 😁 My wonderful journey started when we landed in Dublin. Oh, by the way, we flew with Wow Air and had a rather pleasant surprise! Even saw the Iceland airport! This is what the inside of the plane looks like (I'll post a pic of the outside later). Plenty of leg room!

So on Day 1 in Ireland, we chose to stick around for a day as my ears stopped ringing from the flight, and went to Nass for our Air BnB. (speaking of, if you’re in the area, Amanda’s place is a must!). These pics are from the drive outside of Dublin!

On our way to Amanda's, we went through the Wicklow Mountains and boyyyy you need a full day there!!! We only had 1/2 day, and we spent the majority of it hiking around a couple cool paths and driving through the amazing landscape!

After the hikes and starving, we stopped by a gas station to grab some fresh sandwiches and food (yep, they sell that there!!) and headed to Amanda's. The pics here don't give it justice! It's even more beautiful and relaxing in person, and a must to revisit on our list! Amanda was a great host, and her two pooches were so adorable! (You guys know how much I love dogs hehe)

After a restful snuggly night at Ananda’s, we hopped back on a flight (that we nearly missed!) and landed on Day 2 in Glasgow, Scotland. Ahh, Scotland... 😍I cannot describe what runs through your mind when you look out the plane window and see the lochs, mountains and ocean surrounding this gorgeous country. And then the closer you get... Well. See for your yourselves!

Our first stop as we waited for our Air BnB to get ready? Loch Lomond. 40 minutes outside of the city by car, these waters are.... amazing. After a rather rainy drive through the park (and its gorgeous mist-shrouded mountains!), we took a cruise around the bay, and 😍 I’ll let the pics speak for themselves!

After grabbing a bite to eat, we drove around Tarbert, and finally Glasgow and its amazing cobblestoned streets and Cathedral!

We ended the day in a park nearby our Air BnB in Shadowlands where I got to see my coos 😍 I should mention my one regret is we didn't get to go into Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. A free attraction in Glasgow, it's super busy on weekends and parking is scarce, but SO worth seeing it! If you're ever around, I definitely recommend it. But at least I saw my coos 😍

Have you ever been to Glasgow? Feel free to share and tag me in your shares! :)

Part 2 coming up soon, including Stirling Castle, the Wallace Monument, some amazing Kelpies pics and more!

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