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Relics of the Underworld #YA #fantasy #newrelease

*Summer Blog-A-Day Event*

A huge thanks to Kay for the invite to this wonderful event! I’m choosing to showcase my #WIP, Relics of the Underworld. At the time I’m writing this post, it’s still a #WIP, but will be finalized & published by August 21st, 2018!

Relics of the Underworld is Book III in my Sage’s Legacy young adult series, which contains paranormal and fantasy elements. The storyline started with Freya Hayes in Book I, and learning she was a Sage – a human with the power to fight ghosts. Through Books I and II, Freya fights various foes (Vikings and conquistadors), and develops a friendship with Brennan Dublin.

The two are not your regular teenagers. Blessed with extra physical endurance and spiritual prowess, they use their abilities to keep the world safe from ghosts who’d try to take over it. And there are many! But underneath the whole aspect of vigilantes, Freya and Brennan were also chosen by the gods of Ancient Egypt to fulfill a prophecy, and protect that which is most dear to their hearts – the relics of the Underworld.

This is their story :)

** Book III Blurb **

Freya and Brennan barely have time to settle in their new romance when tragedy strikes. Sick of waiting for the axe to drop, Freya convinces her partner it's time to fight back.

Armed with only the knowledge gained from their respective objects of the power, the two start on a perilous journey to find and destroy the Relics of the Underworld.

Unfortunately, they are not the only ones in search of the mythical treasures. Raksh, more determined than ever to free Set, comes up with his most evil plan yet.

From Scotland to Hungary and Egypt, this last instalment is packed with action and surprises at every turn., while the gods observe their champions and each challenge they face.

As Freya and Brennan get closer to their goal, neither is aware of the ultimate sacrifice awaiting them - nor the ancient god pulling their strings.

You can get more insights or sign up for an ARC here.

*** Excerpt from Book III ***

Freya ducked his hand, dancing away and shaking her head. Already half-falling apart, her ponytail came undone and her raven hair fell in straight locks around her shoulder. “Bite me, Bren. This one’s mine.”

Eyes on him, she took a big bite of the chocolate cake, making a show of enjoying it while he scowled.

“You’re mean.”

Freya only shrugged, taking another bite. Brennan chose that moment to lunge for her, making her shriek and try to run away, only to almost trip over herself and fall down. Brennan wrapped one arm around her waist, while his free hand caught the plate with the treasure. He tossed Freya on the couch, then repositioned himself at the head of the table.

“Like I said – never get between a man and his stomach.”

Freya scowled, but laughter trickled through her expression as Brennan stuffed his mouth. “You’re such a child sometimes!”

As if to make a point, Brennan turned his back to her, covering the plate with his upper body and gulping down the remnants of the cake.

Sam chose that moment to walk through the wall. Freya grinned his way, but it soon fell when she noticed his serious expression. “Sam, what’s wrong?”

“I need your help.”

Brennan dropped his plate, joining his partner. “Are you in trouble?”

“It’s not for me,” Sam explained. “It’s for her.”

He turned just as a young girl about his age stepped through the wall. Dressed in something akin to rags, the tiny ghost looked frightfully pale and malnourished. Brown hair fell in limp threads, framing a heart-shaped face. Her huge brown eyes stared at them as a doe would a hunter, and she appeared ready to bolt.

“Who’s your friend, Sam?” Freya kept her tone soft, unwilling to scare the young girl.

Sam took a step closer to the newcomer, pulling her small hand in his. “This is Anya, and she needs our help.” He turned to Anya, whispering in her ear.

Freya glanced at Brennan, noticing his intense expression. Eyes narrowed, he stepped closer until he was by her side. Despite Freya straining her ears, she only heard the word “countess”. Something about the way Sam said it made her shudder.

After long moments of whispering back and forth, Sam faced them once more and pushed Anya by the small of her back forward.

Anya looked between her and Brennan, then whispered, “You have to help… Please.” A thick accent lined her every word, and it took Freya a moment to clue in to its origin. “The Countess won’t let us go, and I’m afraid… I’m afraid she’ll ruin the whole town, forever.”

“Countess?” Brennan’s tone was full of confusion, but Freya staggered back.

She had placed the accent to an area she had seldom visited, and the implication caused her to swallow past the lump in her throat.

It can’t be…

Freya searched Anya’s expression, but the terror evident in her expression and her shifty demeanor were evident. The girl’s eyes were not lying.

The Sage cleared her throat, but still her voice came out shaky. “She means the Bloody Countess…. Elizabeth Bathory.”


Yep! So as you can guess, Book III follows Freya and Brennan’s adventure into the clutches of the Blood Countess, whom they have to kill. On their journey, they’ll have to deal with the struggles of their newfound relationship and the occasional demon out for blood.

This is an action-packed YA urban fantasy story that’ll take you through Scotland, Austria and Slovakia, only to end up in the place least expected…Ancient Egypt.

Books I and II are on sale TODAY ONLY for $0.99 & $1.99!