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#BookReview Singularity by Eldon Farrell

My rating: 5/5


Nathan Miller owns the streets of Union City. A rogue detective protected by a corrupt establishment—his rule is absolute. But nothing lasts forever.

Someone has betrayed him and now blog sensation Alexis King knows things she shouldn’t. Coming after Nathan she threatens his authority, giving the elite cause to question his worth.

To protect his reign, Nathan must silence his betrayer before Alexis learns enough to topple him. But he’s no longer the only thing to fear in the rotten underbelly of 2035. His search uncovers an evil preying upon the displaced beyond the city wall—making Nathan the next target My review

I’ve been struggling to write a one line description of this book with not much luck 😂 there is no way to make it fit in a nice, square one liner because it’s SO much more. If I had to, I’d say something along the lines of: James Rollins meets The Suicide Squad. Probably not the best description, so definitely stick with the blurb above... but let’s go through what I loved about this book! The main character - Nathan A good cop gone rogue, Nathan is the most complex character in this series, and for good measure. He has such an appeal that even though he does things I’d never agree with, I still can’t help rooting for him! Plus, he’s badass as HELL!!!

The rest of the characters

Much as I adore Nathan, the rest of the cast blew my mind too. Journalists on a quest for high morality, evil scientists, tycoons that aren't quite what they seem... It's such a variety of characters, such a variety of story angles, that it keeps you on your toes from start to finish! The plot I’ve never been taken through so many twists and turns in a crime/superhero book before. I mean, I’m pretty good at seeing things coming. One of the perks of an overactive imagination. But this?? Blew. My. Mind. And it’s part of a series, so you can damn well bet I’ve got it on my to be read list!!! The pace & everything else What usually screws me up in crime/thriller books is slow pacing smack in the middle where the action is supposed to be. “Singularity” had none of that. I lost count of the number of times I said “just one

more chapter” and ended up reading 10 more just because of the skill in writing them and finishing them on such a note you just can’t wait to read the next part! This book was pure epicness from beginning to end. I earlier compared it to James Rollins, and it has that action vibe packed with a notion of something just above the surface that’s not quite “normal” or doesn’t fit into our idea of “normal”. As for the Suicide Squad? Well. Let’s just say the bad guys in this book pack a lot of heat.... But I won’t give anything away because this is a MUST read. Whether you love action or dystopian or comic books or plain dark heroes.... Singularity has something for everyone. So get off your high morality horse and Read. It. Now! :)

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