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Getting started

So it’s Tuesday… I couldn’t post Monday. I can never do anything Mondays… It’s a fact, anyone who knows me, knows it!

I spent the weekend, for the first time since working on Avalon Dreams, chilling. I read 4 romance novels, walked the pups, worked out, and did some wedding related stuff. Not bad all in all, eh?

I should probably introduce you to a bit more about me.. But that’ll come in a later post.

For now, what I have to share is this: editing is HARD. I know it’s a given, but come on… I spent 4 months editing AD and now my epub format won’t recognize one of THE most important fonts in my book: italics!

So yes, I’m off to the formatting day again, in between doing some actual work… Luckily I got my loyal Starbucks woo hoo!

I’m hoping to have something more positive to post later today, such as… having finished the edit for good.

Meanwhile, has anyone had any issues with formatting? Share below in the comments!

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