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Exclusive insight into Book IV of Lost Royals of Transylvania 

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Lost Royals of Transylvania
Book IV: Sinful Salvation

Deep within the Carpathian Mountains, a clan of vampires seeks solace. For millennia, these lost royals have lived in the shadows, hiding their claim to a lineage older than time itself... But this one curse is about to thrust them into the light.

Fated mates and love? Not for me. 

I’ve spent centuries honing my sharp tongue and emotional walls. No damned curse is going to make them crumble, least of all for a monk-like Dacian warlock. I’m so far out of his league, it’s not even funny.

And yet here we are, on a quest to save his sister from her own stupidity. Even my vampire siblings have more sense! Clearly not enough to send someone else along… Whatever. I’ll take the guilt trip. It's only fair, after I messed up big-time.

But playing nice? Not in the books. Ștefan Dragoş can suck it.


So what if he’s got a deep, panty-melting voice?

And so what if my somewhat-dead-ex-lover approves of him?

He’s still not getting anywhere near me.

Or, well…. maybe I could have some fun. After all, deflowering virgins is what I love to do. And it’s not like I’ll be falling in love. Ha!

Sinful Salvation is book 4 in the Lost Royals of Transylvania vampire romance series. Packed with a full blown enemies to lovers slow burn romance, a lot of attitude and swearing, and a vampire heiress with a sharp tongue and attitude. Warning for sexual content and swearing,

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