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Exclusive insight into Book II of Moonlight Rogues

Moonlight Rogues
Book II: Second to Surrender


They say blood is thicker than water...But what if family's the source of your pain?



I swore I was done with love, after my last failed relationship. Being a soldier means making the tough decisions, all for the good of the pack. So when a little miss full of attitude waltzes in, dragging a shitload of trouble with her, I want nothing more than to make that tough decision and kick her the hell out. 

Then she turns those big, feisty amber eyes on me, and my wolf roars otherwise. Shit-of-fuck but now I'm screwed.... And her family seriously has a screw loose. As do I, if the nightmares plaguing me are any hint. 

But I'm gonna have to put on my big boy pants cause there's no way I'm letting her walk out of my life - not when there's obviously more at stake, our history included. 


You'd think running away from a psycho family would swear me off relationships for good. Guess what? So did I. In fact, I specifically searched Tristan out because he's the type I'd never be with. Too much of everything, if you get my gist - attitude included.

So why is it when he starts acting all protector, I can't help but swoon? His dark secrets don't scare me as much as this sudden tornado within me. This was not in the plans... And I just might have to make a run for it before he finds out what I'm hiding and starts hating me. But when his touch is so sweet, his need for me so obvious, can I really take off again? More importantly, will he let me?

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