Rogues Paranormal Romance series Starter


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It started with four wolves, each from various backgrounds, each with secret pasts... Gathered in one tiny town in the middle of nowhere - Rockland Creek. One by one, they fell prey to their haunting pasts, but love saved them...


MOONLIGHT ROGUES was the beginning.

Now, enter the extended universe...


FLAMING ROGUES - Two zmei brothers, dragon shifters from the Carpathian Mountains. The hate of a lifetime. An opportunity for change... And two women who see the good in them, despite the bad. (Available now!)


IMMORTAL ROGUES - The gods themselves have been dragged back on Earth... Will they set aside their pettiness and save humanity once more? Or will temptation prove to be their undoing? Join the popular (and UNpopular gods) of various mythologies in this epic saga! (Coming soon)

LOST ROYALS OF TRANSYLVANIA - Vampires like you haven't seen before. Moral dilemmas enough to make you cringe. And a possibility of redemption, somewhere in the midst of it all? After all, Dracula's descendants deserve only the very best....(Coming 2021)

VARCOLACI LEGACY - It's been years since the Moonlight Rogues conclusion. Now Dominic's son fights a battle all of his own... while he tries to save his father's life, and lead a pack he's nowhere ready for. (Coming 2022)