Eldon Farrell's "Horde Protocol" #CoverReveal & #BookReview

If you've followed me on social media for a bit, you'll have seen me sharing - multiple times - Singularity, the first in this amazingly fast-paced series, as well as Dawn (1.5). Well, it's my honor today to reveal the cover for the next adventure: Horde Protocol. You'll also find my thoughts on the book, as well as a GoodReads link and author info below. Let's get started! COVER REVEAL REVIEW Wow and wow. I've read everything by the author so far, and with each book, the skill to keep you on the edge of your seat just goes up a notch! There is SO. MUCH. happening in Horde Protocol, I'd be a fool to give any away. I will, however, tease your imagination. We still get loads of Nathan - if we

A short reflection on wrapping up series

It's an odd feeling, finishing a series. I've got three out now, two finished and the third almost getting there, but I still can't get used to the sensation. If you've followed me for a bit now, you'll be familiar with my sayings of "talking" to my characters. It may sound crazy, but it's hard leaving those voices behind, not hearing them nag you anymore, once their story is done. Such was the case with me and The Sage's Legacy, which I finished back in August of last year. It was an odd sense of loss at the time, given I'd been writing that series since I was 12 years old. Freya grew with me, and it was bittersweet wrapping up her story. I poured all my teenagehood angst, anger, and you-na

Seriously, Toronto Star? - A self-published author's advice on vanity presses and media bias

There is nothing – and I mean nothing – that pisses me off more as a writer and self-published author than seeing stories online or in newspapers lauding and praising vanity presses for the customer service they offer. Why? Because I dealt with a vanity press, when I was a young and innocent 14-year-old. Or rather, my mom did, as she tried to help me pursue my dream of becoming a published writer. See, back then and newly arrived in Canada, we didn’t even know the difference. Of course, 13 years later, that has definitely changed for me. Now a proud indie author with 13 (soon to be 14) works to my name, I can say with certainty that I chose the right path. But, back then? Well. It was a mess

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