A trip to the Emerald Isle (Pt 2)

Oddly enough, we weren't hit by jetlag. It might be because when we landed at 6am, we didn't go to sleep and rather went out and about, but it was definitely a good bonus. I forgot to mention in the previous post, but driving in Ireland is on the right, and the speeds vary. They have N, M, R and other roads. N is for their national, 120km/h. M is their motorways, 100km/h. And R are the regional roads, 80km/h. Mind you... not that those speed limits are always respected. We saw the Gardai (police) around, but no traffic/speed cops to speak of. According to Google, "An Garda Síochána, meaning "the Guardian of the Peace"), more commonly referred to as the Gardaí or "the Guards" is the poli

Marketing: tips and tries, fails and errors

They say we learn from our mistakes, right? This is a statement that I'm not sure how much I agree with, but it certainly guides how I go about marketing. A while back I posted that I would continue to share on what has and has not worked out for me. Here goes! This year, I had intended to start my marketing mid-summer. Due to my nature as a writer, I've discovered I cannot write and market at the same time - at least not actively, and not well. I tend to focus on one versus the other, or get overwhelmed (at times!) by the marketing aspect and kind of forget about writing. Which is why I decided to split my year into half focused on writing, and the other half on marketing. This particular t

A trip to the Emerald Isle (Pt 1)

If you'd have told me months ago that I would finally touch Irish soil, experience the vastness and beauty of the country, the kindness of its people, and the euphoria of being near the Atlantic... I would have called you crazy. I originate from Europe, and have always wanted to go back to visit, eventually even move back. But life had a way of always getting in the way when I planned a trip, and it never happened. I had almost started to despair, when my husband and I took a leap of faith and bought our tickets back in June. Despite this, perhaps because of how much I had wanted the trip, it did not feel real. Not until the moment we got on the plane and took off, did I finally dare to

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