Reading books while writing

How many of you spent their holiday season getting sucked into some good reads? I know I did… A few too many! It left me feeling guilty that I wasn’t putting as many hours into writing as I did into reading, at least initially. Then I managed to let go of that guilt, and enjoy the novels. One interesting thing I found is that, the more critical I am of my own writing, the more I tend to bring that to the table when reading a new book. Authors I enjoyed immensely started to disappoint me, and books I thought I would love, didn’t deliver as much as I hoped. An example is James Patterson. Last summer, I went through a binge of his novels – the Alex Cross series, the Murder Mystery Club series,

New Year’s Resolutions

Alrighty, all! So we’ve made it to 2017. I think it’s a fair enough time to pat ourselves on the back for everything that we attempted in 2016, whether successful or not. At least we tried! Now that it’s a new year, the goal is to progress. Keep in mind, progress can be big or small. It does not matter if your idea of progress is finishing that last chapter of your book, or of writing a brand new, or of trying some new advertising techniques… The point is, we have to try! The thing is, I dislike New Year’s Resolutions with a passion. Why? Because people always seem to make this long list of things they want to do in the new year, but end up barely hitting a few. Or worse, they start, and ne

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