Who Loves Starbucks? I do!

This post is a bit related to writing. Namely, what gets me in the mood to write – and please share below what works for you! My long affair with Starbucks started when I was in high school. My mom, as a treat after a lesson of Aikido, took me to one of their locations nearby, and said the magic words: “take your pick.” I had my first Caramel Macchiato that day, and though I’ve tried many of their drinks since, it has become my favorite and usual. Any city I’ve lived in, I had three or so typical Starbucks locations I would go to and become a regular. I loved the quietness of it, the Wi-Fi, and the crowd – mainly adults/business people, or introverts who kept to themselves, and not noisy bun

Kennel Woes

Alrighty, here goes a topic completely unrelated to writing or marketing: doggies. As some/most of you may know, I’m happily blessed to have two dogs: Achilles (my wonderful Siberian husky) and Zeus (my adorable black lab). They’re 3 & 8, respectively, and I love these two to death! Me and my fiancé, when looking for a house, settled for one outside of the city due to the large backyard. So they’ve always had space, and they love it. We avoid putting them in kennels due to two reasons: 1. They always come home harmed in some way or another and 2. The kennel/dog hotel people always try to convince us to neuter them. Yes, I have 2 very male, very NOT neutered dogs – a fact that most people fin

A little rant on technology….

I don't mean to offend anyone but.... Ok, so technology is all nice and swell. It helps me format and edit my books in record time, do research, etc. But at what point is too much? Example 1: The other day, I was driving down the highway, minding my own business, when a car cut in front of me – incredibly close, might I say. The driver, a young-ish looking millennial, had her iPhone/smartphone on the wheel, and swerved into my lane to avoid the highway exit she was heading towards. Example 2: The last couple of times I’ve been into a restaurant – or even to watch a movie! – people have their noses so deeply buried in their little gadgets, they don’t even pay attention to their partners/frien

Marketing tryouts

One of the first things I realized as I thought about marketing my book was that I need reviews. There is no point in me spending money on Goodreads or Facebook ads if they would bring people to my book, only to have them not buy it because there are no reviews. In my quest to get reviews, I joined Goodreads, created an author account, and signed up for groups. So far, I’m waiting on roughly five reviews – and nervous as hell! Who wouldn’t be, right? Anyways, once I get to about 10 reviews, I’m planning to start a Goodreads & Facebook ads campaign. I’ll start off with a low budget, and see how it goes before I invest more. I’m planning to then try out ENT promos, and perhaps Readersintheknow

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