Heritage - Dracula's Castle: the conclusion

When I last left you, it was stranded in Dracula’s castle – nighttime. ‘No hotel around, no internet, no mechanic. Only the large, looming shadow of the castle – and the shadow edging at the corner of your eyes….” So let us continue: You drag your feet as your parents, embarrassed, walk back into the castle. The receptionist smiles warmly – a little too fake for your taste – and she assures them that she can get a mechanic to come up from the village nearby by the morning. But you’d have to spend the night at the castle. Your eyes wide as saucers, you tug on your mom’s hand to send a message. With a roll of the eyes, she pats your head gently, and assures you all will be well. The shadows at

Put your money where it counts

Now that I’ve covered some formatting issues and whatnot, let’s talk about something closer to home: paying for your self-published book. I’ve only just started on this, and I think it’s fair to say each book will have things that work and don’t work for it. One of the issues I struggled with was, where do I put my money? It’s already hard enough being a writer, without dumping thousands of hard-earned money into promotion schemes that promise to make you the next bestseller – and there are loads of those online! I’m a firm believer in making your money count. So I looked at my book, and I thought: what makes ME buy a book? And the two answers that came are: cover and blurb. With this not so

Heritage: Dracula's Castle

It was bound to happen. I couldn't just let it go and not add at least one post of the world-famous Dracula's Castle - which is presently for sale in Transylvania (insert angry face here). I'm of the opinion heritage sites should never be sold, let alone auctioned, like normal pieces of land, but ehhh, what do I know? The Romanian government was offered it for $85 million and they declined. So, you'll wonder, why am I posting about this? Because Draculs's castle, or Castelul Bran as we call it back home, is more than just a picture. I want to make you see it through my eyes, as of when I went and visited it when I was 7 years old. Picture this: you're on a roadtrip with your parents, driving

What drives us to write?

Since publishing my book, I’ve gotten this question a few times. And there’s no easy, straight-forward answer, we all have different views on it. We could be writing for fame and glory, for money, for release, etc. I usually give a short answer for the sake of not boring people, but the truth is, it’s much more complicated than a simple “because I like it and it’s what I’ve always wanted to do.” In my case, writing started off as a release. You know those tumultuous teenage years every one of goes through? Some people lash out, others decide on careers, others experiment? Me, I wrote. I was faced with difficult situations, and writing was my way of escaping it. The worlds I created -or expan

Formatting Woes

For all of you out there that went through similar experiences... First things first: I have a Mac. And I love love LOVE my Mac. But as of last week, I was ready to throw it out the window. Why, you may ask, would I get rid of a perfectly functioning $1000+ computer? One word: formatting. My manuscript, when I submitted it, did not convert properly to epub or mobi. Thus, I decided to take it upon myself to convert it. So I tried the usual online converters (Convertio was, by far, the quickest and simplest to use!). And that was all fine and dandy, except when I got my new epub and went to open with the e-book reader Stanza, none of my italics/centered stayed. And let me put this out here: I

Ok, so a bit more about me

I’ve been told this is a story that needs to be shared, so, here goes! *takes a deep breath* I was born in 1992 in a little town called Turda, in Romania. For those of you who don’t know, that falls within the Transylvania “province” so to speak of my country – which, everyone knows is where Dracula lived Yes, the jokes never end lol! My childhood is your usual tomboy story, until everything was thrown upside down when my parents announced their intention to move to Canada. Don’t get me wrong, I was excited – what kid wouldn’t be? But it was a whole new world! They’d taught us English since kindergarden, I was learning French as of grade 5, but you guess where the parents decided to stay? Y

Getting started

So it’s Tuesday… I couldn’t post Monday. I can never do anything Mondays… It’s a fact, anyone who knows me, knows it! I spent the weekend, for the first time since working on Avalon Dreams, chilling. I read 4 romance novels, walked the pups, worked out, and did some wedding related stuff. Not bad all in all, eh? I should probably introduce you to a bit more about me.. But that’ll come in a later post. For now, what I have to share is this: editing is HARD. I know it’s a given, but come on… I spent 4 months editing AD and now my epub format won’t recognize one of THE most important fonts in my book: italics! So yes, I’m off to the formatting day again, in between doing some actual work… Lucki

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