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Moonlight Rogues

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If you love werewolves, alpha males, strong female characters and steamy romance - with a nice drizzle of action - this is your new favorite read! Four novels, each spanning one wolf's story. These heroes will have you swoon, cry and laugh, so get ready.


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Book I: First to Fall 


When the games become real, all bets are off in love and war...


Join Dominic & Lucrezia as they give in to their budding romance and fight past foes. 

For an exclusive look into Book I, click here.

Book II: Second to Surrender


They say blood is thicker than water...But what if family's the source of your pain?


Tristan's nightmares followed him come... Can Dani's presence make them go away? And what about her insane family?


For an exclusive look into Book II, click here.

Book III: Third to Tumble


Rules are meant to be broken... Unless breaking them tears an entire family apart.


Finn's Irish roots are about to land him in a world of trouble... unless girl-next-door Elle can tame him, and herself!

For an exclusive look into Book III, click here.

Book IV: Last to Love


He's the last one standing... Which is why they sent the best one to break him. 


Lucas has stood strong - love isn't for him. But when the past comes calling, will he change his mind?

For an exclusive look into Book IV, click here.

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