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Immortal Rogues

If Olympus falls... Will they all pay the price?

Hades has a secret. Artemis has a quest. about to learn emotions aren't overrated, after all. And Morrigan? She'll have the worst test of all, between duty and love. 

Dive into the black sheep of Olympus' chaotic mind--but will you get lost? 
Hop on a quest with the Huntress...
Delve into the depths of hell with Anubis...
And maybe, just maybe, find resolution with Morrigan's charms. 

Book 1 - Secret Shadows (Hades & Persephone)

Book 2 - Archer's Arrow (Artemis & Fenrir)

Book 3 - Dead Dilemma (Anubis & Rhea)

Book 4 - Celtic Cage (Morrigan)

& more...

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