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Flaming Rogues

If you love dragon shifters, alpha males, strong female characters and steamy romance - with a nice drizzle of action - this is your new favorite read! A duology showing two brothers as they butt heads against each other, learning the meaning of sibling relationships.

Book I: Fanning the Flames


He's trying to save the world...and she's saving him.


Tytus has to clean up his brother's mess - again. And this time, the fate of the world hangs in the balance. So why is one tiny witch distracting him?

For an exclusive look into Book I, click here.

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Book II: Igniting the Ice


The darkest of mind, for the purest of heart...who will succumb to temptation?


Declan's imprisonment is about to end... but not in the way he expected. And what will happen when his quest to the Underworld leads him to an immortal surprise?

For an exclusive look into Book II, click here.

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