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Exclusive insight into Book I of Moonlight Rogues

Moonlight Rogues
Book I: First to Fall


When the games become real, all bets are off in love and war...


I've been staring at Luz for who knows how long. Hell, all of last year. But something in her calls to me as surely as the full moon. Unfortunately, she only has eyes for Lucas. So call me a sucker for punishment, but I'm going to help her. if she wants to draw the alpha's attention, what better way than dating his second in command? Even if it is fake.

Should be easy as pie... Then the weird killings start in town, and the Reapers make my job harder. Looks like I'm gonna need all the Romanian courage I can muster to see this to the end - if I survive it. 


Something about Lucas changed, and lately it's all I can do to stop panting after him. Considering the past I've run away from, that's saying something. 

Then Dominic comes with this crazy idea: pretend to be his girlfriend, to make Lucas realize he's got the hots for me. And the plan almost works... Until I start falling for the wrong guy. Oh, and somewhere in there, find out I live in a town ruled by werewolves. And some of them want me dead. Why can't life ever be simple?

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