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Demoni Sancti, Book 1


Their protégée burned the world alive. Literally. Now, this immortal duo will have to piece it back together.... or forever face the consequences. 

Every 500 years, a Flama is born to cleanse the world through the gates of Heaven, or purge it of evil through Hell itself. That choice was made six months ago. Now, humanity wavers on its last hope… 

Dante’s angelic superiors have a few choice words to say about his handling of the phoenix shifter in his charge. Rather, his ex-charge, considering Katya has well and truly disappeared. And while he’s happy to be back in the Silver City, his mind won’t stop spinning. Nor can he stop himself from asking questions the archangels have no wish to answer. 

Daymun’s back in Hell - and bored out of his mind. Things he used to enjoy have now become tedious, and he finds himself unable to get Katya out of his mind. He needs answers, and if he has to turn the world upside down to find them… Well, he is a demon, after all. 

With the last of humanity on the threshold of extinction, this unlikely duo will find themselves dragged into a mess they have no hope of untangling. Despite their opposite natures, will they join forces to ensure there’s a world left standing…and for them to live in? 

FALLEN is the first novel in a new urban fantasy series set in the same universe as BLAZING ASHES. Join in on the supernatural action as angels and demons clash in an ultimate battle. Disclaimer: contains violence, is not reverse harem nor paranormal romance.

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