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Demoni Sancti

The balance of good and evil has existed since time itself. Years ago, it was rocked to its core by one woman's choice (Blazing Ashes). Since then, the world of humans was never the same. They protect it, and they are the Demoni Sancti - demons tainted by angel blood, forced to chose between their true nature and a human mortality. Tied to the stone of Stirling Castle, forever bound to protect the Earth as redemption for their parents' sins.

What happens when an angel falls in their midst?

Book I: Fallen (November 21, 2020)

Dive into the beginning... with the angel and demon who began it all.

Book II: Broken (November 21, 2021)

The brotherhood is set... but chaos rises in its midst when an angel falls from

the sky.

Book III: Unshackled (TBD)

Book IV: Risen (TBD)

Book V: Ascended (TBD)

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