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Exclusive insight into Book III of Lost Royals of Transylvania 

Lost Royals of Transylvania
Book III: Deadly Deceit

Deep within the Carpathian Mountains, a clan of vampires seeks solace. For millennia, these lost royals have lived in the shadows, hiding their claim to a lineage older than time itself... But this one curse is about to thrust them into the light.

If anyone can break my loyalty to my's her.

They call me Vlad--in memory of my father. I've always been the meekest of our family, the mediator. Now we're being told a curse will kill us all, unless we give in to our fated mates. And the one responsible for this atrocity? A god, of all things. 

I didn't need the added pressure. The darkness in me has been fighting me, and every day I'm losing more ground against my own self. And if that part of me escapes...there's no telling how many innocent humans will die this time around. Because, da, it happened before. And I've got no wish to repeat it.

Then she lands into my life. and turns it upside down. Me, inside out. I know she's here for a reason--she's a Dacian witch, and I don't believe in coincidences. But I'll gladly play by her rules. She may want me unawares, but I see right through her. Just as she sees right through me...

I can talk the big talk, but when it comes to Silviana, I'm already a lost cause. No matter what hides behind her deceit, I'm already lost. 

LOST ROYALS OF TRANSYLVANIA is a vampire paranormal romance and suspense series set in the Carpathian Mountains. Take a walk down the risky side with these House of Dracul bad boys (and bad girls!) who’ve existed for way too long, and have lost way too much. Can they remember what it’s like to truly live again? Vampire myths, lore and legends are predominant in this series, with some sexy romance and plenty of twists and turns! Warning for swearing, sex scenes, some gore.

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