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Exclusive insight into Book II of Lost Royals of Transylvania 

Lost Royals of Transylvania
Book II: Cracked Casualty

Deep within the Carpathian Mountains, a clan of vampires seeks solace. For millennia, these lost royals have lived in the shadows, hiding their claim to a lineage older than time itself... But this one curse is about to thrust them into the light.

I’ve taken my immortality for granted. Now I’ve got to pay the price. 



I’m not a princess. The castle I live in is in shambles. My family is anything but loving. And while I come from a royal bloodline of vampiri… You could say we’ve lost our kingdom. 

After two years of a mysterious disease ravaging my immortality and health, I’ve had enough. I want to live and enjoy what little time I have left. 

Running away from my crazy siblings is probably not my smartest idea… Especially when we’ve been trying to avoid attacks from vampir clans who seek to destroy the last of our bloodline.

Trusting Marcus is even stupider. He may have saved me from a tough spot, but I know nearly nothing about him.

Except that he looks at me like we belong together.

And he has more demons than, well, me. 

And his kisses make my toes curl and my unbeating heart want to fall in love again. 

Problem is, I’m not the damsel in distress he thinks I am.

And the more he tries to protect me, the more he’s digging his own grave. 

Because there’s not just angry vampiri out there hunting me… It seems my family’s upset more supernaturals than we can count. And lonely old me is about to pay the price for all their sins. 

LOST ROYALS OF TRANSYLVANIA is a vampire paranormal romance and suspense series set in the Carpathian Mountains. Take a walk down the risky side with these House of Dracul bad boys (and bad girls!) who’ve existed for way too long, and have lost way too much. Can they remember what it’s like to truly live again? Vampire myths, lore and legends are predominant in this series, with some sexy romance and plenty of twists and turns! Perfect for fans of Bella Forrest, Jennifer Armentrout, Michelle Madow, Bianca Scardoni and L.J. Smith's Vampire Diaries and The Originals. 

Warning for swearing, sex scenes, some gore.

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