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Coming Soon ...

Lost Royals of Transylvania

Vampires. Royalty. Whoever said immortals have it easy?

Book IV out Winter 2022

Book V out 2023

Book VI out 2023 (tentatively)

Immortal Rogues

They were created to protect the gods... Until they went into exile. Now, they're coming back, and Earth may be a little too tempting to leave once again...

Book III out Winter 2022

Book IV out Summer 2023 (tentatively)

Demoni Sancti

Demons. Angels. A fight for humanity.

More books coming 2023...


Bear shifters, mating bonds, and a danger lurking in the shadows.... This 7-book series co-authored with Siobhan C. will have you swooning for more! Currently writing book 3 as of July 2022!

Faeries of Skye (2024)

Four sisters, last of a line. Four dragons, sworn to protect them. A beautiful island, home to greatest evil...

Varcolaci Legacy (2023)

Spinoff from Moonlight Rogues - you knew him as the hotheaded wolf in the pack. Years later, he's got his own pack, and his son is about to take the reins over... If he's ready. 

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