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Blood Ties, Love Binds

Blood Ties, Love Binds
A standalone romance suspense


His betrayal broke her. His return might save her life.

Ten years ago, Cassandra DiCavalier fell for her father's intern. And on the night of her birthday, after a kiss that rocked her world, he disappeared into the night, never to be seen again. Now Cassie's got her life in hand - more or less. She did just quit her job, and her love life is a mess, but at least she has her best friend Renzo and their nights of wild parties. Everything's going as smooth as can be, until Damon strolls back into her life like nothing ever happened.

Ten years ago, Damon Voight was forced into the hardest choice of his life when he walked out on Cassie. But he swore to himself that when he'd return, he'd be able to protect her from anything, and anyone. Now he's back, and she seems to be doing just fine on her own... Except she's unaware someone's put a hit on her head. And it's someone close to her.

As Damon deploys his security detail team to find out the traitor, Cassie's recklessness reaches new levels. So does their sizzling chemistry, providing a distraction he cannot resist. Will it prove to be their downfall, when the danger is closer than either of them realizes? And will Cassie open her heart again, or let Damon walk out of her life once more?

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