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Exclusive insight into Blazing Ashes

Blazing Ashes


She thought the pain was normal...


My name is Katya... and I'm not crazy. Sounds kind of funny that I start the story that way, right? Trust me, it's anything but. It all started when I got these bloody migraines and began hearing voices. I was pretty sure I'd lost it.


And then the voices turn out to be two hot-as-hell guardians, here to guide me on my quest to purge the world of evil. Because apparently, that’s what I was born to do. The kicker? They're not human.


They've stood guard since she was small, and have come to teach her otherwise...


I guess it's just as well I'm willing to play into their delusional game. Until, of course, I find out it's no delusion at all. The monsters do exist, and I'm one of them. So is my mate. And my two new buddies? Well, that's debatable.


Soon everything spins out of control and the phoenix in me rises to the surface, unbidden, unchallenged... And un-allied with either Light or Darkness. 


Now the world depends on her choice... And what if she chooses wrong?


Like I said, I'm not crazy. But read if you dare, and you can judge for yourself.

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