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Exclusive insight into Atrox

A Fae Romance of the Avalon Chronicles Universe


He used to scoff at fate...

A long time ago, he was ruler among gods. Fallen, he was exiled, sent to oversee the underworld. Until a mage on Earth caught his interest, and their friendship got him involved with the one he was always meant to protect - the Lady of the Lake.

He used to scoff at love....

With Vivienne safe in Sébastien's embrace, Atrox sheds the last of his protector skin, and says goodbye to his alter, Alistair, for good. Something else has drawn his attention, and it's got nothing to do with keeping watch from afar. Rather, it's got everything to do with getting closer than ever before.

...until he falls in the most final trap of all.

Atrox's last adventure leads him to the kingdom of the Fae, as he seeks the one who stole his heart - the Fae heiress, Catriona. But her aging father is not keen on letting one of his worst enemies win over his daughter. Without mercy, he sets up a trap: seven labours, each harder than the next. If Atrox wins them all, he can plead his case to Catriona herself. And if he loses...he faces death itself. 


*A story of the Avalon Chronicles series, but can be read as a standalone fantasy. Want to find out how Alistair fares with his happily ever after? This reveals it all! *

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