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Exclusive insight into Book II of Immortal Rogues

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Immortal Rogues
Book II: Archer's Arrow

If Olympus falls... Will they all pay the price?

Years ago, Artemis was sent off on a quest. It should have been easy—after all, it involved finding Fenrir of the Norse gods, and finding lost things is what she's known to do. Olympians don’t take kindly to insult, and his attack eons ago on Hades resulted in a price on the Norse god's head.

As Olympus' bounty hunter, Artemis is more than suited for the task at hand. And yet, Fenrir has eluded her time and time again. Now, frustrated, she’s down to her last tricks… and it's only through a twist of fate that she ends up stumbling on the elusive Norse god.

But is he truly the villain Olympus seeks? Or was there more at stake when he’d attacked Hades, more than either of them know? Perhaps even something nefarious enough to bring on the end of the world as they know it…

The last thing Artemis needs is to lose her focus and start caring for the mercurial, withdrawn god and the demons he keeps wrestling within. Especially when his own pantheon starts hunting them, and things go from messy to straight-on chaotic.

When push comes to shove, will Artemis hand Fenrir over to the Olympians to face his punishment, or stand by him and risk losing everything she’s ever known?

IMMORTAL ROGUES is a paranormal romance series featuring gods and goddesses of various pantheons and their strange tales. Mythology mixes with romance and the supernatural in this new series, part of the ROGUES EXTENDED UNIVERSE.

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